Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bags That Keep You Cool

**If you are in a hurry I recommend the Oaksys Camping Sleeping Bag as the best warm weather sleeping bag for its extra leg ventilation features, the ability to transform into a blanket, and its max temp rating of 60 degrees**

I’m from Texas and I’ve had the unpleasant pleasure of camping in some hot weather. There’s nothing worse though than the in-between temps where it’s too cold to not have a sleeping bag but your bag is too hot to keep on.

You want a warm weather sleeping bag that gives the same support a blanket would but doesn’t suffocate you in the process.

I’ve put together a list of the best warm weather sleeping bags that help keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

Hot weather sleeping bags under cave with tent

What Makes the Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

When you’re looking at a hot sleeping bag you’ll want to focus on a few characteristics to help make a better choice. Some of them might be common sense but there are a few industry terms you may not recognize that will help you out.

Look For a Temperature Rating

Back in the old days different sleeping bag brands would label specific temperature ratings but there wasn’t a way to tell if one brand was the same as another.

Since then the creation of the EN and then the ISO rating was adopted to bring some consistency to temperature rating tests.

The best warm weather sleeping bags have a higher rating anywhere between 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you pick any sleeping bags that have a higher rating of 50 degrees and lower there will be too much insulation for you to stay cool enough in hot weather.

Ventilation Options

There are multiple ventilation features that a warm weather sleeping bag can have.

One of the main ones you’ll see a lot is the bag unzipping on all sides so that it creates a blanket effect.

You’ll have more control over how much of the bag you want to use when the weather starts heating up.

Another good warm weather feature is the dual zipper that allows you to open up the bottom of the sleeping bag.

Your legs will be exposed and it will create more airflow through the entire bag that will help you stay cool.

What Material Is the Sleeping Bag

Summer sleeping bag inside tent

You’ll want a bag that’s made of a thinner material. Nylon and polyester are two materials that work great because they’re light, dry quickly, and don’t hold onto heat.

Thicker bags are going to be too hot for you to use in the summer months because of the thick layers of insulation.

You’ll also want to look at the fill of the bag. A lot of the time you’ll see goose down as a material because it’s a great insulator.

However, in hot weather, you don’t want something that’s going to trap heat so synthetic fills are a better option.

Avoid any kind of flannel material for the liner because it won’t breathe nearly as much as cotton will.

Type of Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

You’ll see two major designs in the shape of the warm weather sleeping bag: the mummy and the rectangular.

The mummy hot weather sleeping bag is going to be more form-fitting because it’s designed to trap heat in so it’s not ideal for warm weather. It’s tapered at the bottom so that there’s less material around your legs.

The rectangular bag is just a big open sack that you can sleep in. It leaves plenty of room all around your body so there’s more air flow.

Most of the time the rectangular bag will also unzip to create a blanket effect.

What Does GSM Actually Mean?

Every now and then you’ll see the acronym GSM and it stands for grams per square meter. It’s a unit of measurement that tells you how much the fabric weighs.

In general, you’ll want something on the lower end for hot weather sleeping bags because it means the bag is thinner.

A good range to aim for is anything under 300 GSM. The thicker the material, the hotter you’re going to be.

Additional Features

Two heat-resistant sleeping bags inside tent

There isn’t a ton on this list but you can find some sleeping bags with little pockets on the inside that allow you to store your keys or wallet.

It’s not crucial for warm weather but it sure is nice to keep track of your stuff while you’re in the outdoors.

There are also a lot of hood options for modern sleeping bags that even come with a drawstring to tighten around your head.

You won’t use need this in warm weather but it does add an extra layer of soft protection for your head when you’re sleeping. If the material is polyester it can even feel a little cooling.

1. oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

The Oaksys Warm Weather Sleeping Bag nails a couple of key characteristics that you’ll need when heading out in summertime.

For starters, it’s got a two-zipper system that allows you to open up the leg area so you can get more ventilation when your warm weather bag starts heating up.

If that isn’t enough air flow, you can open up the entire bag to create a blanket, giving you full control over how much of your body is exposed.

The temperature rating is 60 degrees Fahrenheit but since it opens fully you could safely use it in 70 degree weather.

Oaksys makes the best warm weather sleeping bag you can buy for the outdoors. Check the price using the button below.

  • Great for spring and summer months
  • Leg ventilation option
  • Unfolds into a blanket for complete heat regulation
  • Max temp rating 60 degrees could be slightly higher

2. Sportneer Camping Sleeping Bag

The Sportneer is pretty close to the Oaksys sleeping bag in that they both have leg openings for more ventilation and they both open up to form a blanket rather than a stuffy sleeping bag.

The Sportneer does claim to have a 68 degree temperature rating so it’ll hold up pretty well in hotter weather.

You could probably stretch that to mid 70’s but any higher and you won’t even want anything on you after that.

The Sportneer comes with a pretty good compression sack for easy portability and it’s one of the best warm weather sleeping bags to try.

  • Impressive 68 degree max temp rating
  • Has leg ventilation option
  • Can unfold fully into a blanket
  • Not dryer compatible

3. JEAOUIA Sleeping Bags for Adults

The JEAOUIA has most of the bells and whistles you’d want from a good hot weather sleeping bag.

You’ll be able to air your feet out with the dual zipper situation and it unzips fully to create a blanket.

The max temp rating is 68 degrees it’ll work just fine when the weather starts heating up.

  • Leg ventilation option
  • Unfolds fully to create a blanket
  • Max temp rating of 68 degrees
  • Smaller width compared to other bags

4. Tough Outdoors Store Mummy Sleeping Bag

What really makes the Tough Outdoors Mummy Sleeping Bag standout is the huge 6’6″ room you have. It’s made for those who tower over the rest of us but the mummy style helps prevent it from feeling like a parachute on you.

It’s got a temperature rating of 65 degrees so it’ll do just fine in temps as high as 70-75 degrees. This spacious sleeping bag even has a convenient storage pocket where you can leave your keys and other precious items.

If you’re always having to look down on people because of your size then this sleeping bag is going to fit perfectly in warm weather.

  • Max temp rating of 65 degrees is great for warm weather
  • Lots of room to hold up to 6’6″
  • Mummy style retains more heat

5. ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

The ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag unzips fully so you can turn it into a blanket and use however much you want instead of being forced inside.

You should be comfortable in most warm weather camping situations because it’s got a max temp rating of 60 degrees.

That’s not quite as high as the top brands on this list but it’s still pretty good.

It doesn’t have any leg opening though so you won’t be able to have extra ventilation and still be fully covered but it’s still a great option if you need an extra layer to feel comfortable.

  • Max temp rating of 60 degrees
  • Can open fully to create a blanket for full heat regulation
  • No leg ventilation option

6. Ohuhu Compact Sleeping Bag

The Ohuhu Compact Sleeping Bag advertises the double-wide feature more prominently than other brands.

You can actually open it up fully, just like with others on this list, except if you have two of them you can attach them to make a super wide sleeping bag made for couples.

I’m not actually sure if the other sleeping bags that open fully are also capable of this but Ohuhu was the first to market the feature. Either way it’s pretty nice if you have a significant other you’re traveling with.

The Ohuhu has a max temp rating of 68 degrees so it’ll do great when you use it for hot weather.

  • Can combine with another bag to create a double-wide sleeping bag
  • Impressive 68 degree max temp rating
  • Not leg ventilation option

7. BESTEAM Ultra-Light Warm Weather Envelope Sleeping Bag

The BESTEAM Warm Weather Sleeping Bag doesn’t exactly have the visual appeal some of the other bags on this list do but it still works well in the warm outdoors.

You don’t have any leg opening possibility but you can open the bag fully so it turns more into a blanket than a sleeping bag, giving you full control over how much you need.

BESTEAM does claim to have a 77 degree max temp rating but it’s probably more around the 68 degree mark like most of the other bags on this list.

  • Unfolds fully to create a blanket for complete heat regulation
  • 68 degree max temp rating
  • No leg ventilation option

8. Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

There’s nothing over the top special about the Active Era Ultra LIghtweight Sleeping Bag but it’s a solid choice when you’re heading to warm weather campsites.

You don’t get the nice leg ventilation or blanket-mode that some of the top sleeping bags have but it can withstand up to 68 degrees for heat.

If you’re not looking to dish out the extra cash for a better option, the Active Era still makes a quality bag that should last you a while.

  • Can withstand up to 68 degrees
  • Reliable materials
  • No leg ventilation option
  • Does not unfold fully to create a blanket

9. Coleman Sun Ridge Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

Coleman is a staple in the outdoor gear industry so more than likely you can count on them to make a solid product you can rely on.

This Sun Ridge bag is no exception and will hold up over the years but it doesn’t quite have the warm weather features you’d like to see.

There’s no leg opening and it doesn’t open up like a blanket but it does have a temp rating of 60 degrees. Although it also features 3lbs of ThermoTech insulation which doesn’t help.

If you’re looking for a warm weather sleeping bag from a well-known brand you can trust, Coleman has another solid product.

  • Max temp rating of 68 degrees
  • Coleman is well-known brand
  • Has 3 inches of ThermoTech insulation
  • No leg opening and does not fully unfold

10. Coleman Big and Tall Sleeping Bag

Tall people can celebrate with a Coleman Sleeping Bag that has enough room to fit up to 6’4″ in size. You won’t find many but they are out there.

This is one of those sleeping bags that opens fully and you can actually connect it with another sleeping bag to make a huge double-wide sleeping bag.

While there isn’t a max temperature rating listed, you can expect this bag to hold up in about 60 degree weather but you’ll be stretching to use in the 70s.

  • Can help in temps 60 degrees or cooler
  • Lots of room at 6’4″
  • Does not fully unfold
  • No leg ventilation options

11. REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Last on the list is the REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag.

It’s got the fully opening feature most other warm weather sleeping bags have and it also has the ability to connect to another fully opened bag to create a large double-wide sleeping bag.

It’s good for up to 68 degrees like other bags and there’s an option to get it with or without the hood.

  • Great for temps 68 degrees and cooler
  • Opens fully to create a blanket for complete heat regulation
  • Can attach to more sleeping bags to create double wide
  • No hood option
  • No leg ventilation option


Are There Sleeping Bags For Hot Weather?

You can find many sleeping bags that are made for hot weather and they usually include features like being lightweight, having leg openings, having a high-temperature rating, and being able to open up fully like a blanket.

Is a 40 Degree Sleeping Bag Good For Summer?

If the max temperature rating of the sleeping bag is 40 degrees weather it will not be good for summer. This bag will have too much insulation but if 40 degrees is the minimum temperature rating, the bag will work for summer weather.

Is a 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Too Warm For Summer?

A zero-degree sleeping bag will be too warm to use in the summer. Zero degree bags have extra insulation between the outer and inner layers that causes them to retain too much heat for warm weather.

Can you Use a Sleeping Bag in Summer?

You can use ultralight sleeping bags in the summer if you don’t mind carrying the extra weight with you. These bags are made with lightweight materials that have more ventilation and stay cooler in warm weather.

The Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

I recommend the Oaksys Camping Sleeping Bag as the best warm weather sleeping bag to take during those hotter months. You can unzip the leg area to get more ventilation flowing through the bag and the entire thing unzips to create a blanket. It also has a hood that doubles as a pillow in the warmer months. For your money, this is the best warm weather sleeping bag you could invest in.