5 Best Toddler Sleeping Bags for Camping in 2020

**If you are in a hurry I recommend the AceCamp Kids Sleeping Bags as the best toddler sleeping bag for its kid-friendly design and comfortability**

If you’re buying a sleeping bag for your toddler you want to make sure you can get at least a few uses out of it and that it’s going to keep them comfortable. But some toddlers toss and turn all night while others hardly move. And you might be camping in some colder areas while other campers don’t care if their sleeping bag will hold in low temps. Learn which one is going to keep your toddler safe and sleeping all night long by reading the best toddler sleeping bag camping reviews below.

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What Makes A Great Toddler Sleeping Bag

Will My Toddler Outgrow It?

You want to make sure your sleeping bag is going to get several seasons of use and that your toddler isn’t going to outgrow it in a year. So while you are looking through the list keep in mind if your toddler can grow into their bag.

One of the options on the list can fold and zip up to decrease the size in length so that it works for toddlers of any size. Others are only good for older toddlers because they are too tall to fit anyone younger. 

Other options on this list are built only for younger toddlers 1-2 years of age. They are very compact and will keep your toddler warm but they won’t give you a lot of use once they get older.

Will It Keep My Toddler Warm?

There are really no sleeping bags for toddler that are made with as warm of material as down feathers. Usually you will find synthetic materials with filling that can keep your children warm in as low as 30 degrees fahrenheit. But they aren’t meant to use for anything colder. 

If you plan on heading outdoors when it’s cold outside you will want to make sure your toddler sleeping bag comes with a hood that can trap heat while using. These usually come with a drawstring so you can adjust the tightness level. 

Is it Easy To Travel With?

Most modern sleeping bags come with their own stuff sack or compression sack. This allows you to pack everything up in a tight space so it doesn’t eat up a lot of room while packing. The stuff sacks usually come with shoulder handles or straps for easy transport. They will all be about 2-4 pounds in weight and will be easy to carry or hike with.

There’s even an option on this list that is easy to use when buckling your child into a car seat or into a stroller. It comes with a small incision where you can stick the buckle through. Most of these are also weather proof and should be easy enough to wash when you’re done.

Will They Like It?

Some of the bags on this list are more traditional and have a solid color polyester coating for the shell. This leaves a lot of room for your kid to be entertained while using their sleeping bag. And you know better than anyone that a more interesting design can make it a lot easier to get the little one to sleep. 

But there are a couple of different options on this list that should provide a design that will keep your toddler interested in crawling to bed at night. One in particular comes with glow in the dark stars that will keep your kid safe at night and keep them entertained. 

Best Overall: AceCamp Kids Sleeping Bags

The best toddler sleeping bag design goes to AceCamp for their animal star constellations all over the polyester shell. And there are dots for each star that actually glow in the dark throughout the night so your toddler feels safe in the outdoors. The mummy style is unique in that it flares at the end so that your child will feel like they are tucked in while still having space to move around. 

There’s a hood attachment with drawstring so that you can trap heat in temps as low as 30 degrees fahrenheit. For children up to 4’8” in height this should be great for a toddler of any age. Be careful machine washing your sleeping bag because the dots that glow in the dark can fade. Try to handwash when possible. Otherwise this is one of the better options that is sure to get your toddler actually excited about heading to the outdoors and getting to bed. 

  • Fantastic glow in the dark design
  • Hood to trap heat
  • Fits toddlers of any age
  • Durable
  • Unique mummy style design
  • Does not wash well

Best Luxury: Baby deedee Sleep Nest Travel Quilted Baby Sleeping Bag Sack with Sleeves

This is one of the few sleeping bags made specifically for young toddlers as most of the others on the list are able to fit young children as well. The Baby Deedee can fit toddlers from 18-36 months and works for indoors just as much as it does for outdoor use. The water resistant material will shed away any condensation that accumulates inside your tent. You can use this toddler sleeping bag in weather as low as 50 degrees fahrenheit thanks to the ultra-lightweight duvet material.

The sleeves are actually fully removable and there are shoulder straps that snap into place to keep your toddler secure inside. It also makes it super easy to remove your kid from the Baby Deedee. There’s even a convenient slit on the backside you can pull a buckle through if you are trying to secure your toddler to a car seat or stroller. The sleeves are a little short for a toddler 18-36 months and you will want to throw on some extra layers if you plan on camping in colder weather. But this is one of the best toddler sleeping bags while camping because it was made specifically for toddlers whereas most others are made for young children. 

  • Perfect fit for toddlers
  • Removable sleeves
  • Snap on shoulder straps
  • Can use with buckles
  • Water resistant
  • Sleeves are small
  • Not for very cold weather

Best Budget: REDCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag for Camping

For a sleeping bag option truly made for a toddler of any age the REDCAMP provides one of the more versatile and durable choices to take outdoors. The total height is around 5’5” but you can fold and zipper the end of the bag to be more around 4’6”. There’s a half hood at the top that traps heat for your toddler and should hold up in weather as low as 32 degrees fahrenheit. 

There’s a compression sack you can stuff the REDCAMP inside of for easy portability and you can choose between a blue and pink model. This is a mummy style sleeping bag which doesn’t provide as much wiggle room if your young one tosses and turns all night. But it will do a better job at trapping heat and keeping them warmer. You can take this bag on pretty much any trip you’re going to bring your toddler on and it will hold up for years to come. And you can adjust the size to keep up with their growth as well.

  • Adjustable length
  • Hood attachment
  • Great for cold weather
  • Durable
  • Mummy style sleeping bag

Wenzel Moose Youth 40-Degree Sleeping Bag

The Wenzel Moose Youth Sleeping Bag is best for older toddlers who are going to need some extra room in a year or two. It fits children up to 5 feet in height and can handle weather as low as 40 degrees fahrenheit. It’s perfect for the 4 or 5 year old who has plenty of room for twisting and turning while sleeping but who can also use the same bag for several seasons without a problem. 

You can unzip the bag to keep fully open and use as a blanket during cozy movie nights for the family. You can pick between the blue and pink option and both come with a playful moose design. Once you’re done just roll up your toddler sleeping bag and fit it into the stuff sack for easy transportation.This may not be your top choice if you have a young toddler but you can use this for several seasons if you have a 4 or 5 year old. 

  • Lots of growing room
  • Good for cold weather
  • Converts into blanket
  • Stuff sack for easy transport
  • Not good for young toddlers

Tough Outdoors Kids Sleeping Bag

Fitting children up to 5’1” in height the Tough Outdoors Kids Sleeping Bag is best for older toddlers who can grow into their bag for years. It’s got plenty of room if your toddler wiggles around a lot while they’re sleeping. It even opens up on all three sides to double as a blanket. And in case your little one needs a special toy nearby there’s an inside pocket you can use to store it away so it doesn’t get lost.

There’s a compression sack you can pack away your Tough Outdoors in to take up minimal space when packing for your outdoor trip. And like any good toddler sleeping bag this one is machine washable in cold water. The hood on top makes it more useful to keep any heat from escaping in weather as low as 40 degrees fahrenheit. It’s comfortable and a perfect all around option to keep your older toddler prepared for years to come. 

  • Converts into blanket
  • Hood on top
  • Good for cold weather
  • Inside pocket
  • Machine washable
  • Compression sack
  • Compression sack low material quality


My choice for the best toddler sleeping bag is the AceCamp Kids Sleeping Bag for its extremely toddler-friendly design and comfortability. It’s fully covered in a glow in the dark animal constellation that will keep your toddler feeling safe while heading to sleep at night. There’s a hooded drawstring to trap heat and you can feel safe in temps as low as 30 degrees fahrenheit. You’ll get a lot of use our of the AceCamp and your toddler will love using it.

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