7 best tent fans for staying cool in 2020

**If you are in a hurry I recommend the OPOLAR Camping Lantern Clip On Fan With Hanging Hook as the best tent fan for its versatility, unique features, and quick charging battery**

There’s nothing worse on a warm day than laying down for the night after a long day in the outdoors and turning on your tent fan only to realize you can barely feel the breeze. Knowing which fan is going to cool you down no matter if you have a small or large group is crucial to enjoying your time outdoors. But each fan is different and comes with a number of features that you might need or have no use for. Learn which one is not only going to cool you down but make your experience better than you had imagined by reading the best tent fan reviews below.

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What Makes A Great Tent Fan?

Type of Tent Fan

There are several types of tent fans you want to think about as you’re looking through options. The clip, free standing, and hanging fans all have their uses in the outdoors but sometimes you will find a fan that has two or all three built into one.

At the base of the fan is where these features are distinguished. The free standing needs to rest directly on the ground and usually has some kind of rubber on the legs to keep it from slipping. The clip fan opens at the base so that you can clip it to pretty much any surface that fits in the opening. And the hanging fan includes hooks that can let the fan hang from the ceiling of your tent or canopy.


Hanging and clip fans are also usually more portable and lightweight so you can bring them with you anywhere. You can attach them to anything around your campsite to keep cool while grilling or hanging by the fire. They are also great for hiking campers who need to take their tent fan with them on the trail.

Free standing fans are sometimes much heavier and less convenient to bring with you on a hiking trip but they can also be more powerful. These are better for car campers who only need to pull up to the campsite and unload from the trunk.

Battery Life

Ideally you want to find a fan that has rechargeable batteries or works with a USB cord. Batteries are terrible for the environment and you don’t want to have to keep buying new ones for every trip. A USB power source is even better because you can plug it directly into a phone, car charger, or power bank.

Most tent fans on this list are going to last over 8 hours on lower fan speed settings. That’s enough time to get a good night’s rest. But you want to be careful about the amount of time it takes to fully charge. The better fans are around 3-4 hours but you could be waiting for up to 6 hours depending on which brand you get.


All fans are going to make at least a little noise. That’s part of getting the blades to cut through air so you can get cooled down. Now, this can be perfect for those who enjoy sleeping with the TV on. But for light sleepers who have a hard time getting some shut-eye without silence it can be tough. Some fans come with a brushless motor that helps reduce the decibels the fan emits. Look for this feature if you want a tent fan that won’t keep you up at night.

Extra Features

When you’re camping it’s important that your items have more than one use. A spork for example is a great camping item because you can use it as a spoon and a fork. The same concept goes for tent fans. Some of the fans on this list you can hang from anywhere you want, clip onto anything in your site, and stand perfectly still on any steady surface. All in the same fan. Some will even come with LED lights you can use as a flashlight or lantern when you need a bathroom break at night. There’s even a fan on this list that comes with sponges you can put mosquito repellant.  There’s a spot to put them right in front of the blades to protect yourself from bugs. Think about what would make your trip enjoyable while reading through your options.

Best Overall: OPOLAR 5000mAh Camping Lantern Clip On Fan with Hanging Hook

OPOLAR is a reliable brand when you look into fans for the outdoors, which is why you see three on this list. But there isn’t a better all-around tent fan than the Camping Lantern Clip On Fan. We’ll start off at the base which you can use in three different ways to cool yourself down. There’s the hook you can use to hang from the ceiling of your tent for circulating the hot air that accumulates at the top. Or you can conveniently fold the hook into the circular base to serve as a freestanding fan you can place on any sturdy surface. Or you can take the clip that opens about 2 inches with anti-slip rubber and attach it to any surface you want. This is a truly versatile tent fan.

The fan itself rotates 360 degrees and has high durability rotating structure. So it will stay in the exact position you want without moving or slipping out of place after you adjust. The best part about that is the 4 LED lights with two brightness settings that are built into the fan. So you can use the OPOLAR for cooling down but to also bring with you on a walk at night when there isn’t a light for miles. And you can adjust it to any position you need. With rechargeable batteries and a quick 4 hour charge time, you are going to be hard-pressed to find another fan that matches the OPOLAR for the price point. I feel it’s one of the best fans for tent camping on the market.

  • 3-in-1 base for clipping, hanging, free standing
  • Fan rotates 360 degrees
  • Has 4 LED lights
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Quick recharge time
  • Bigger in size than other fans

Best Luxury: Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor High Velocity Floor Fan

The Geek Aire Floor Fan was made for durability and to last in the outdoors. It’s a free standing fan and the anti-slip feet make sure it stays in one place. The metal construction means it can take a kick or two while on the ground and still hold up. It even has a large handle to make it easier to carry. And it’s water-resistant so if it starts raining you don’t have to worry about bringing it inside right away.

There are no folding elements on the Geek Aire and it’s a little too bulky to take hiking with you. But if you set it on the ground in your tent you are going to feel the breeze even in an 8 person tent size. The fast charging technology will have you up and running in as little as 3-4 hours. And it will last you up to 24 hours on the lowest speed setting. The fan speed setting is completely stepless so you can adjust to whatever works best for you. There are even LED lights that let you know how much battery you have left. This tent fan was made for the outdoors and will provide many cool days on your camping adventure.

  • Anti-slip feet
  • Very durable
  • Water resistant
  • Quick charge
  • Battery life LED lights
  • Stepless speed setting
  • Expensive

Best Budget: OPOLAR 8-Inch Rechargeable Battery Operated Clip on Fan

This is a fantastic option you can take with you on your camping trip that is able to attach to any surface you need. The clip opens as much as 3 inches so you can bring with on a hiking trail or at the top of your tent for circulation. The battery can last up to 12 hours on medium setting and in many cases has lasted more than that. There are actually 4 total speed settings which is more than the average. Having the ability to adjust the windspeed to exactly what you need is convenient in the outdoors where the breeze comes and goes.

It does take about 6 hours to fully charge with a USB or USB-C but you can use it while it’s charging. It’s not going to blow enough air circulation for a large tent but it does perform better when cooling down 1-2 people. The 360 degree rotation allows you to place the fan anywhere and still be able to adjust its direction. It’s a great portable fan for camping and it’s perfect for bringing it hiking or carrying around your site.

  • Lots of speed settings
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Can use as clip or stand on base
  • Very lightweight
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Very portable
  • Best for 1-2 people

O2COOL 10-Inch Standard Base Personal Fan

With its compact size the O2COOL 10 inch is a portable fan worth taking with you on your camping trip without needing much space. The fan itself actually folds up to lay directly on the base so you can throw it in your backpack and bring with you to your site. The 10 inch blades provide some good air circulation for tents that are 2-4 people large. When the O2COOL is folded up it has a pull out handle for easy carrying. It can’t hang or clip on to anything to it isn’t best to cool down if you’re on the move.

Another feature that would make it harder to hike with are the 6 D-cell batteries that need to be purchased separately. These can last several nights on the low setting; the fan comes with a high and low setting. But you will want to buy rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to continue buying new ones. It does have an adapter option but that isn’t going to help while you are outdoors but will help if you want to use it indoors. The O2COOL is best for campers who need to cool down during the night on a weekend trip but won’t need to carry it around wherever they go.

  • Good air circulation
  • Compact size
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Batteries last long on low setting
  • Lightweight
  • Only rotates 90 degrees
  • Have to buy batteries

OPOLAR Battery Operated Rechargeable Fan

What I like about the OPOLAR Rechargeable Fan is that for its size you might not expect much but it actually has a ton of high-quality features. The metal frame is tough and can last a few trips to the outdoors being kicked around or dropped. You can easily remove the front side grill too in order to clean the blades. Even though the OPOLAR was meant to be free standing you can actually hang it from the base inside your tent. This is because the fan itself can rotate a full 360 degrees so you can angle it to whichever direction you need.

It has a couple of rechargeable batteries that can last up to 12 hours on the low fan setting. More than enough for a good nights sleep. And if you are using your fan indoors then you can hook up the USB cord to save your battery life. The only issue is that it has to remain on low setting when you are plugging it into a power source. For the campers who are looking to invest in a tent fan that is portable, has good air circulation, and is durable, this will be your go-to. And you can use it at your desk in your office too.

  • Very portable
  • Durable
  • Multiple power sources
  • Good air circulation
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 360 degree fan rotation
  • Only runs on low when plugged in

Viniper Battery Operated Fan

The small but mighty Viniper Battery Operated Fan can produce some significant airflow for its size. It has three wind speed settings to choose from and its brushless motor ensures it remains quiet while you’re cooling down. And the LED light display lets you know if your battery is fully charged or if you need to plug it in. It also tells you which speed setting you’re on.

The Viniper is extremely lightweight at less than a pound so you can easily pack it in your bag on a hiking trip. But it doesn’t have any way to hang so you always have to rest the fan on the ground or steady surface. Where you might not get as much circulation as opposed to your ceiling. But you do get 180 degree rotation so at least you can angle it anywhere you need. It’s very portable and the affordable price makes it a great investment. Especially since you could use this in your office or by your bed in your home. Campers looking to cool down 1-2 people with a reliable tent fan can count on the Viniper to bring you comfort in the outdoors.

  • 180 degree rotation
  • Good air circulation
  • LED display for battery life
  • Very portable
  • Affordable
  • No way to hang
  • Instructions not very good

REENUO Camping Fan with LED Lights

The REENUO feels like it was made just for outdoor campers looking to cool down. It has a lot of features that give it the kind of versatility which is essential for every outdoor enthusiast. The base has a hidden hook you can take out to hang from the top of your tent to act as your own personal ceiling fan. But you can store the hook away to use the REENUO as a free standing fan and all you need is a steady surface.

There are 12 LED lights installed so that you can use this as a lantern if you need to take a bathroom break in the middle of the night. And because it rotates both horizontally and vertically 360 degrees, you can angle it at any position you need. A special gift for campers are the two liquid absorbing sponges you can place right in front of the blades. Soak these up with some mosquito repellant and you just earned yourself some bug free life in the outdoors. No other fan offers that. So if your camping trip needs a truly versatile tent fan you can use anywhere in your campsite then the REENUO is a great fit.

  • Can use as hanging or free standing fan
  • 12 LED lights attached
  • Rotates horizontally and vertically 360 degrees
  • 2 liquid absorbing sponges
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Can be loud at highest setting


My choice for best tent fan is the OPOLAR Camping Lantern Clip On Fan with Hanging Hook because of its versatility and quick charging battery. Instead of needing to decide between a clip, hanging, or free standing fan the OPOLAR comes with all three. It also doubles as a lantern with the 4 LED lights attached. Considering how much use you’re going to get, both inside and outside, there aren’t any other fans on this list that can match the quality and features of the OPOLAR.

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