9 Best Hammock Bug Nets for outdoor protection

**If you are in a hurry I recommend the Pys Hammock Bug Net as the best hammock bug net for its comprehensive features and full protection mesh**

Being from the south, there isn’t a quicker way to kill your time in a hammock than being eaten alive by pesky bugs.

Getting yourself a bug net with holes small enough to keep out all the mosquitos and no-see-ums is crucial to being able to use your hammock for a small nap or some reading time.

You just have to make sure your net isn’t caving in on you or

Learn which ones will provide the right kind of protection you need while still being spacious in the best hammock bug net reviews below.

person reading book inside hammock with bug net

What Makes A Great Hammock Bug Net

Set Up

In order to get your net off the ground and surrounding your hammock you will need a ridgeline to attach everything to.

The ridgeline is a rope or cord you can tie to two trees to create a taut line that you will attach to your net. 

Most modern bug nets will have hooks attached to the top of the net in order to make this process easy where you can just lay the hooks over the ridgeline.

Not all hooks are created equal and this is where you can see the more subtle details and how to distinguish the quality of the brand and how durable the plastics are that are being used. 

In most, but not all cases, the hammock will need to be pulled through either end of your insect net and you will be able to use cinches to close the ends around the hammock to protect yourself from any openings.

Ridge Line Size

All bug nets on this list will include a ridge line but they can be different sizes.

The smaller ridgelines will be slightly less than 20ft but the longer ones can be up to 30ft in length. 

The big consideration here is how close together you need to find a couple of trees in order to set up your hammock and bug net.

The shorter the ridgeline the closer you will need your trees to be to give you enough slack to tie off the two ends. 

Net Size

This is a huge consideration when looking at which bug net will work for you.

In places where you have very small biting insects like fleas or no-see-ums you will want to look for very fine mesh or as they are commonly known, no-see-um mesh

These have small enough holes that will keep out any kind of bug that is trying to get you in the outdoors.

Not all of the bug nets on this list have a mesh with holes small enough to keep out all insects.

Some will come with more coarse material that will keep mosquitos and other, larger, flying insects away but will not be enough to protect against very small bugs. 


Some of the nets on this list can be as large as 12” in length which provides great comfort and space when resting in your hammock but will also be heavier in weight.

If you’re looking for a net that will be great for backpacking then you will want to stay within the 11” or less range to ensure you’re not adding on more weight than needed to your pack. 

Best Overall: pys Hammock Bug Net

The Pys Hammock Bug Net offers one of the largest sizes at 12” of any other on this list, so you’ll always have plenty of room to lay in comfort.

The extra room allows you to easily enter through the vertical zipper that runs up the center.

There’s an included ridge line and easy-to-set-up hooks you can attach to get your Psy Bug Net so that it doesn’t take you an hour to set up one hammock.

The no-see-um mesh will keep you protected from any sized insect in the outdoors and the 360 degree coverage ensures you don’t get any unwanted bites.

The ridgeline itself is an impressive 30ft long so you don’t have to worry if a couple of trees are pretty far away.

One of the only improvements needed is the cinches at the end of both sides.

They don’t close up as tight as one would want but it’s the best value you’re going to get for hammocks that have bug protection.

Hammock campers needing some extra room to get in and out of their bug net will enjoy the 12” of room the Psy offers.

  • Large 12” of capacity
  • Ridgeline impressive 30ft long
  • Easy to set up ridgeline hooks
  • No-see-um mesh netting
  • Cinches don’t close enough

Best Luxury: ENO Guardian Bug Net

The ENO brand is no stranger to the outdoor gear world and the Guardian Bug Net is a valuable addition for full protection against any bugs.

The SkyWeave mesh netting keeps the smallest crawling and flying insects outside of your sleeping area.

You can get it set up within a few minutes using the durable hooks onto the ridge line.

Like any other bug net, if your skin touches the net you can still get a bite so there always needs to be some room between yourself and the material.

You can hold on to the ENO for a few years because of the high quality and you’ll see this level of build reflected in the higher-than-average price.

It’s a smaller net but will hold up when you need protection from bites during your hammock camping trip. 

  • Very fine SkyWeave mesh
  • Durable handing hooks for easy set up
  • High quality materials
  • Ridgeline included
  • Central dual side zipper
  • High price point
  • Smaller in size

Best Budget: ODSE Hammock Net

The ODSE Hammock Net is a great beginners choice to try out a 360 superfine mesh netting on your hammock.

You can attach the screen to a ridgeline using the durable hanging hooks attached to the mesh.

There’s cinch ends where you pull the hammock through to keep it tightened so that no insets can come in while you’re sleeping. 

The dual zipper access in the center of the net allows easy in and out without getting caught up in the sides.

Especially since the ODSE provides 11.5 ft of room which is on the higher end of the market. It’s durable enough to last several seasons and is one of the lower price points you’ll find for a bug net so the value is worth the investment.

  • Durable hanging hooks for easy set up
  • Good capacity at 11.5 ft of room
  • Cinches keep ends tightened
  • Vertical dual side zipper
  • Included ridge line
  • affordable
  • Not for longer trips

Wecamture Hammock Bug Mosquito Net

The Wecamture Hammock Bug Net has slightly larger holes in the netting than no-see-um mesh but is still very effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects. You can set up the net around your hammock quickly by tying the included 20ft ridge line to a couple of sturdy trees and then attaching the speed clips from the net. Unzip the vertical zipper located in the center and you have complete coverage and comfort. 

There’s even a little hook at the top of your net you can hang a camping fan or lantern from. And for the price point you can at least count on the Wecamture to last several seasons. If you’re living in an area where you need to worry about no-see-ums or other tiny insects then this mesh won’t be fine enough to fit your needs. But if you’re worried about mosquitos or flys then you’ll have full protection in the outdoors.

  • Included 20ft ridge line
  • Speed clips for easy attachment
  • Vertical zipper allows easy access
  • Hook at top of net for lanter/fan
  • Affordable
  • Holes larger than no-see-um mesh

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Bug Net

The Wise Owl Outfitter has true, no-see-um mesh to fully protect you from any biting insect in the outdoors. It also has an extremely long 30ft ridge line you can attach to a couple of trees. The durable clips on the mesh will attach to the ridge line and you should be set up within a few minutes. There’s a small carrying bag with drawstring that makes it easy to carry on a hike without adding much weight to your pack. 

It has a vertical zipper in the center allowing easy access but the zipper has had issues with performance in the past. And for the price point you would hope for higher quality but the customer service has been known to take care of any situations where the zipper malfunctions. This makes investing into the Wise Owl a smart choice for finding a good hammock bug net. 

  • Long 30ft ridge line
  • Durable clips for easy set up
  • Good customer service
  • No-see-um mesh
  • Low zipper quality

Cushy Camper Hammock Bug Net

The Cushy Camper makes a reliable hammock bug net that has very easy access. You have two separate entrances on either side of your bug net with dual side zippers to give you easy access while providing full protection. The material is not quite no-see-um mesh so you want to be careful if you’re going to be camping in infested areas but ants and flying insects won’t be able to get in.

There are hooks at the top of the net to easily attach to the 18 ft line and there’s also cinch openings where you pull the hammock through that allows you to close off each end for full protection. The ridge line is shorter than some other options on this list so you will want to make sure you have pick a spot where you wont run out of rope. The Cushy Camper is a good price and has some thoughtful design considerations for the hammock camper that will make bug free life a reality in the outdoors.

  • 2 separate entrances with dual side zippers
  • Included 18ft ridge line
  • Cinch openings on either side
  • Attachable hooks for easy set up
  • Durable
  • Slight larger holes than no-see-um mesh
  • Shorter ridge line

MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Net

With a lot of bug net options on this list it is hard to have room to move around without touching the sides of the net because when you do you are still susceptible to bites from mosquitoes. But with the MEKKAPRO you will have more than enough space to relax in your hammock or get some gear out of your pack. It has two entrances on either side of the net and if set up properly will give you room inside to walk around freely. You’ll have a couple of ridge lines and seven screws, hooks, and plugs to set up your net in any situation. 

The course material wouldn’t keep out no-see-ums or small ticks and fleas but you will have full protection from larger flying insects. For the size it is still one of the cheaper bug nets on the market which gives it tremendous value. This might not be your go-to set up everytime you want to go outdoors but in the right situation this is going to bring a level of comfort you might not be used to during your trip. 

  • Very large size
  • Two entrances at either end
  • Ridge line included
  • 7 screws/plugs/hooks included
  • Affordable
  • Tough to set up
  • Coarser than no-see-um mesh

Roman Ventures Hammock Bug Net

Roman Ventures is not as well known as some of the other brands in the outdoor space but they are producing well thought out products that rival some of the other, more established, companies. There’s a 30ft ridge line included that you can use to hang your net from and the secure attachment hooks and two tensioners make it quick to get set up. The material will protect from any type of insect, large or small, that tries to get near you so you can feel comfortable sleeping and resting in your hammock. 

You’ll also have plenty of space inside since the Roman Ventures is 12” long and will fit over any hammock size. As a bonus you’ll get a carabiner that also doubles as a can opener. It’s a little heavier because of the size than what you would want for a backpacking trip but will work perfectly if you want to enjoy a camping trip using your hammock. 

  • 30ft ridge line included
  • Very fine mesh
  • 12” in length
  • Carabiner included and doubles as can opener
  • Good price
  • Not great for backpacking trips

Unigear 11′ Hammock Bug Net

A reliable and well made product for one of the lowest price options on this list, you will use the Unigear Hammock Bug Net as your go-to option when heading to the outdoors. The mesh is fine enough to keep out any flying insects or no-see-ums that may ruin your relaxing outdoor experience. There’s an included ridgeline and easy to hang hooks that make setting it up quick. What’s unique about the Unigear is the horizontal zipper that allows you access to the inside. Most of the other options on this list have a vertical zipper which is usually preferred and I’m not sure the horizontal would be an advantage because of the need to bend over each time you get in. 

There’s a couple of cinch ends for where you’ll feed your hammock through so that you can close off all openings for full protection. It’s a solid 11” in length so it should be just right for any kind of outdoor trip you may be taking. It certainly doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles but for the low price you are getting a durable bug net you can use for several camping stays.

  • Very fine mesh
  • Ridgeline included
  • Easy to hang hooks
  • Cinch ends
  • Very affordable
  • Horizontal zipper entrance


My choice for the best hammock bug net is the pys Hammock Bug Net because of its comprehensive features and full protection mesh. The 12t in length and 30ft included ridgeline match, or exceed, any other bug nets on this list. And the no-see-um mesh keep you fully protected from any insect of any size. The price point is exactly where you would need it to be for such a high quality product and you’ll be able to use the psy Hammock bug net for any outdoor occasion.

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