7 Best Double Camping Cots in 2020

**If you are in a hurry I recommend the Disc-O-Bed Large With Organizers as the best double camping cot for its incredible versatility and durability**

Getting a double camping cot is perfect for couples or younger kids joining their parents for a trip to the outdoors. But if you are going to put in the money you want to make sure you’re going to get a lot of use and that it’s actually going to be comfortable. Some cots come with a small tent for full weather protection and others you can stack like bunk beds or use as a bench. Knowing which type is going to make your camping experience special can make or break your outdoor adventure. Learn which one is going to give you a good night’s rest by reading the best double camping cot reviews below.

bunk cots with kids sleeping inside

What Makes A Great Double Camping Cot


There are only two major types of cots to be aware of as you shop for options. The regular cot usually comes with a polyester fabric that is completely flat and raised off the ground. The tent cot is also raised off the ground but comes with a small tent that can rest on top of the actual cot. So it’s really a 2-in-1 that you can use in several ways.

The regular cot doesn’t usually come with extra features although you will find that some have organizational pockets or a mesh storage area. The tent cot usually has more features to offer like mesh windows or better sleeping area. But they can also be more expensive because it’s a more all-in-one experience. You won’t have to shop around for more items but instead, you can purchase them all at once with one cot.

Weight capacity

Very important in the double camping cot world. You want to make sure you cot is going to hold up with you and your partner laying on top. One of the lowest max weight capacity cots on this list only holds 300lbs. This might work for some younger couples or if you were going to use it for your kids but full-grown adults might have an issue using this for sleeping.

There’s a good chance that the more weight your camping cot can hold the heavier it’s going to be to haul around. So once you get everything set up you might not want to go back and rearrange everything or move your campsite.


Most double camping cots come with a carrying case because they weigh a significant amount. These don’t usually have wheels but they will come with a couple of convenient handles you can use.

You will want a more lightweight cot if you plan on taking a short trek to where you want to go. A cot that doesn’t have a large max weight capacity and doesn’t come with a full tent will generally be more lightweight.


Comfortability is one of the most important parts of camping outdoors. The design of double camping cots can have a unique feature that some people find irritating.

Almost all of them are going to come with a steel bar that runs lengthwise down the center of the cot. This will separate the two sides so that you won’t be able to move freely in your cot. Instead, you’ll be forced to stay on your own side. And it usually won’t feel that great if you happen to roll over on the steel bar.

What you can do to counteract this is to put an air mattress on top of your double camping cot. This will give you some extra cushion and allow you to snuggle up to your loved one while getting a good night’s rest. You can also use a single sleeping pad and put one on each side to make it more comfortable for side sleepers who can have trouble with cots.

Best Overall: Disc-O-Bed Large with Organizers

Easily the most versatile option on the list, you can use the Disc-O-Bed in a number of ways that can be helpful to you and your partner while sleeping. The two cots are actually independent of each other and attach together using an innovative frame design that is rust-resistant. You can position the double camping cots to be bunk beds, a sitting bench, or you can disconnect them into two separate cots.

The polyester fabric allows contoured comfort while you’re laying down to rest. And there is about 20” of space between the top and bottom bunk when they are stacked. Each cot even has hanging organizational pockets complete with a bottle holder just in case you need a drink in the middle of the night. The cots do come with individual carrying cases that hold the fabric and the frame. The only issue is that they weight a total of 71 pounds so once you get everything set up you aren’t going to want to move them around. This is one of the best options for campers who are looking for a 2 person cot that can also work in a number of other scenarios.

  • Extremely versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Organizational pockets
  • Very heavy
  • High price

Best Luxury: Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot

With the different styles of cots that you can find there are none that fully protect you from the weather like the Kamp-Rite Compact Double Tent Cot. This isn’t just a cot but a fully integrated tent cot that allows you to stay covered from bad weather like heavy rain or wind. There’s a door on each side so you and your partner can exit and enter without needing to climb over each other. There’s also a mesh storage area underneath the cot where you can keep your shoes or other valuable items.

You are elevated off the ground about 18” so you won’t have to feel the cold ground when you’re laying down to sleep. You also have a couple of windows with zippers at the ceiling you can open up for a cool breeze or to stargaze with your partner at night. This is a great option for campers who are looking to spend most of their time away from their tent and don’t need a big tent to enjoy their outdoor experience.

  • Full tent included
  • 2 mesh windows for ventilation
  • 2 doors for easy access
  • Mesh storage area
  • Easy set up
  • Steel bar through middle of cot
  • Small tent size

Best Budget: Outsunny Portable Wide Folding Camping Cot

If you’re looking for a double camping cot that will hold up over time and not break the bank then the Outsunny will check off all your boxes. The price point is one of the lowest that you are going to find. Combine that with the fact that it can last you several uses outdoors and this becomes a great value. It’s a pretty standard design with 600 PVD oxford fabric and a powder coated steel frame. It’s not likely that you would tip over the Outsunny just by sitting on the edge because it’s only about 15” off the ground.

The Outsunny isn’t going to be for every camping couple because it only holds up to 300lbs. The manufacturer erroneously stated that it held up to 440lbs but has since changed after several complaints. As far as double camping cots go this is fairly lightweight at 20 pounds and it comes with a durable carrying case for easy portability. Although it doesn’t have a high weight capacity, this is a solid choice for any outdoor enthusiast looking for a sleeping option for themselves and their significant other.

  • Lightweight
  • Carrying case included
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Very affordable
  • Only holds up to 300lbs
  • Steel bar in middle of cot

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress, and Pump Combo

This is the most comfortable double cot to take with you to the outdoors. Most cots on this list come with some kind of polyester material but this is the only one that includes a queen size blow up mattress. There’s even a couple of pull out side tables that come with a cup holder included. And you don’t have to worry about your mattress getting dirty in the outdoors because it comes with a convenient washable cover. The frame is extremely durable and will hold up to 600lbs of weight.

Now the mattress itself isn’t quite a full queen size so couples who are looking for a little extra room to toss and turn won’t have such luck with the Coleman. It also makes a significant amount of noise when the fabric of the mattress touches the frame so if you’re a light sleeper you might not enjoy this. You can always place some adhesive tape to prevent the materials from touching together which will solve the problem. You won’t find another cot that can provide the same amount of luxury for the price. It’s a great option for couples campers looking to have a good night’s sleep.

  • Complete with airmatress
  • Includes 2 side tables
  • Very durable and sturdy
  • Comes with air pump
  • Washable mattress cover
  • Make noise when moving
  • Mattress smaller than queen size

Kamp-Rite 2 Person Compact Indoor and Outdoor Double Kwik Camping Sleeping Cot

The Kamp-Rite 2 Person Cot is a fairly new product to the market but is as sturdy and durable as any other on the list. The powder coated frame helps prevent any rust and the 600D polyester fabric will be tough enough to keep from ripping or sagging when using. You can easily fold it up and carry it around using the accompanying carrying case. It weighs about 70lbs so you won’t want to take this with you on a hike but it’s great for car camping. And you can use the mesh netting that is right underneath to hold any of your valuables to make sure they don’t get lost during your trip.

There’s a slightly padded head section for some extra comfort and the weight capacity holds up to 550lbs so you and your partner shouldn’t have any issues laying down at night. It’s also one of the longer cots on the list and can fit body types up to 7.5 feet in height. So professional basketball players wouldn’t even have an issue getting comfy in the Kamp-Rite. Like other double camping cots you will have a steel bar that runs through the middle of the cot so you will have to stick to your side when sleeping. But for campers who are looking for a sturdy option that is going to fit a majority of body types then this is a great choice. Very reliable to take with you on your outdoor adventure.

  • Sturdy
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Fits very tall people
  • Mesh netting underneath for extra storage
  • Steel bar runs through middle of cot
  • heavy

Double Kwik Tent Cot

This is another option on the list that is not going to win awards for innovative design but it’s just as sturdy and durable as any other. It’s also extra wide so if you’re looking for a double camping cot where you don’t have to feel like you’re a sardine in a can then this will give you some breathing room. Its easy to set up and tear down and there are even a couple of storage pockets underneath the fabric you can use to store important items.

Like almost all other two person cots you are going to have to deal with a steel bar that runs lengthwise down the center of the cot. This isn’t ideal for cuddlers but if you and your significant other enjoy a little space when sleeping this won’t be a problem. If you’re looking for a double camping cot that you can keep around for a while that is a breeze to set up then the Double Kwik Cot is a great fit.

  • Extra wide
  • Very quick set up and tear down
  • Storage pockets
  • Sturdy
  • Steel bar runs through middle of cot

Tangkula 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot

The Tangkula 2-Person Outdoor Camping Tent Cot gives you and your partner a truly all-in-one camping experience. You’re not just getting a double camping cot but you’re also getting an air mattress, two sleeping bags, two inflatable pillows, and an entire tent set up. No other option is going to include this many items that are as crucial to have a comfortable time in the outdoors. It also has 4 mesh windows you can open up for a nice breeze or take in the beautiful views.

The door itself can either be folded up or propped up using a couple of poles. If you prop it up you can create a perfect awning to give yourself some more shade during those hotter days. You would expect this cot to be much more expensive than the others given the amount of camping items you get but it’s actually just as much as a couple of other options on this list. This can be a little more difficult to set up than a regular cot but once you are done there isn’t anything else you need to worry about. The Tangkula has covered it all. For the couple who doesn’t want to do a lot of shopping around, this one purchase will take care of all your sleeping needs in the outdoors.

  • 2 pillows included
  • Air mattress included
  • 2 sleeping bags included
  • 4 mesh windows
  • Large door that doubles as awning
  • Foot pump included
  • Difficult to set up
  • Expensive


My choice for the best double camping cot is the Disc-O-Bed Large with Organizers for its incredible versatility and durability. You can use the cots as bunk beds, a bench, or keep them as separate individual cots. They both come with a storage pocket area that hangs off the side where you can store several important items during your trip. It’s easy to set up and you’ll be able to hold on to the Disc-O-Bed for years because of the high quality of materials used. It’s a great investment for the couple looking to use their cots in a number of different ways.

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