9 Best Canopy Weights That Increase Stability

In a hurry? I recommend the Eurmax USA Weight Bags as the best canopy weight for its strong fabric, high weight capacity, and secure attachment features.

It’s incredibly frustrating to invest a good amount of money on a beautiful canopy only to watch it roll down the road breaking every limb on the way.

Wind is the biggest canopy killer of all time and the only way to fully protect your sun shelter and keep it grounded is with canopy weights.

They’ll add some additional weight to each leg of the frame and keep it from going all Mary Poppins on your outdoor trip.

Here are all the best canopy weights you’ll find along with what qualities fit best for different types of trips.

Multiple outdoor canopies using weights

What Makes the Best Canopy Weights

Canopies are often made from thin frames with lightweight material that makes it easy to set up and transport.

You’ll need quality canopy weights to keep your shelter from flying away when you need it most. Learn what qualities will keep your weights lasting for years holding down the fort.

Type of Canopy Weight

There are two styles of canopy weights in the market; those that are fillable and those that are made with concrete. Even if you have a sturdy canopy that claims to be good in heavy winds, these weights will ensure it never leaves the ground.

The fillable weights come with a fabric pouch that can be filled with sand, water or gravel.

They’re great for portability because you can dump out all the materials after use but filling them over and over again can get old.

Concrete canopy weights come in various shapes and sizes, but the most popular is cylindrical-shaped ones.

These types of weights have a slit in one side so you can slide them right up to the canopy but they’re a pain to lug around everywhere.

Material of the Canopy Weight

Extended canopy for party with weights

Most of the weights on this list are made from polyester fabric but not all are equal. The most durable fabric has a 1680 Denier rating which means the fabric is thicker than say a 600D fabric.

The main thing to remember is the higher the number, the more durable and long-lasting the bag will be. The denier rating is good if you plan to use your canopy on concrete or rocky land. When you’re using durable weights with your beach canopy you won’t have the same wear and tear.

Concrete weights usually have some kind of coating on them to protect the canopy frame from scratches.

Rubber is one type of coating but if you’re heading to the outdoors you might as well have one made from recycled material.

How Transportable are the Canopy Weights?

Not all weights are going to be easy to transport. If you’re looking for something to just take back and forth to the campsite, then a fillable weight is your best option.

All you have to do is dump out the contents and go but they can be a pain to keep refilling over and over again.

Concrete weights are not as easily transported because they’ll always be the same weight and you have to constantly haul them from place to place.

The nice part is that once you take them out of the car you can put them right on the frame without any prep.

How Much Weight Does it Hold?

The concrete weights are easy to measure because of their consistent weight. They are usually much lighter than a fillable weight bag but they are also usually stackable so you can use multiple weights at the same time.

Even if one set isn’t heavy enough for the type of winds you’re facing, you could always buy an extra couple of sets to stack on each other.

This is especially helpful if you have a pop-up canopy because they tend not to be as sturdy as other canopies.

Fillable weight bags, on the other hand, are usually much heavier per bag and you can adjust it to your preference. If the wind is a bit lighter, you can just fill the bag halfway but at least you have the option for a heavier bag if nature calls for it.

How Does the Canopy Weight Attach to Your Canopy?

Woman in vendor canopy with weights

You’ll find how you attach the weight bag to the actual canopy is one of the biggest variables.

Most use some kind of velcro system but there are even different styles within this method.

Some weights have velcro straps attached on one side that make it look like you stuck the weight directly to the pole.

Other velcro options have straps that help the weight wrap all the way around the pole for a more secure attachment.

1. Eurmax USA Weight Bags

It doesn’t matter where you like setting up your canopy with the Eurmax USA weight bags.

You can fill them with sand, rocks, snow, or really, anything else that’s lying around so any location in the outdoors works.

Plus, each bag weighs an impressive 30-35lbs once they’re filled up so all four will ensure your canopy stays on the ground in significant winds.

There are velcro attachments that keep the adaptable weight secured all the way around the pole rather than just staying on one side like other canopy weights.

These Eurmax weight bags are durable, extremely heavy, and worth your investment if you’re looking to keep your canopy grounded during heavy winds.

You can check the price by using the button below.

  • Wraps fully around poles
  • Holds 35 lbs per bag
  • Refillable

    2. ABCCANOPY Extra Large Canopy Sand Bags

    Made of heavy-duty 1680D oxford cloth, these extra-large sandbags will last you several years so they’re worth your consideration.

    You won’t find many other bags that can hold more than the 37.5lbs the ABCCANOPY sandbags can hold so you’re in safe water if you’re looking for strong protection.

    Not only that but the three Velcro attachments for each bag help keep them in place.

    The ABCCANOPY bags are some of the heaviest on this list and the fabric is durable to last through several bad weather seasons. Check the price by clicking the button below.

    • 1680D durable cloth
    • Can hold 37.5 lbs
    • Three velcro attachments
    • Vulnerable to straps breaking

    3. US Weight Deluxe Eco-Canopy Weights

    The US Weight Deluxe Eco-Canopy Weights are made from sustainable recycled plastic and filled with solid concrete. They’re one of the most durable weights on this list so you’ll be able to keep these around just as long as your workout weights.

    They also have something no other canopy weight has, the ability to stack on top of each other. The 80lbs in total weight you’d get would only be a start because you could stack as many as you wanted together.

    These US Weight Deluxe Eco-Canopy weights will last forever so you can feel like your earned dollars are going to a good cause.

    • Can stack several together
    • Extremely durable
    • Made from recycled plastic
    • Only 10lbs per weight

    4. Canopy Water Weight Bag

    It’s easy to take these water weight bags with you anywhere you go with 2.2lbs of total weight when they’re deflated. When they are filled with 10L of water, they can weigh as much as 21lbs which might not be enough for really strong winds, but they’re good for most weather.

    They come with three velcro attachments that secure easily to your canopy frame and an easy to hold handle so you can transport them easily when filled. This set of four water bags will get the job done and keep your canopy secure.

    • Holds 21 lbs
    • Three velcro attachements
    • Can only use water to fill

    5. ABCCANOPY Canopy Weights

    The ACBCANOPY weights use a strong and durable 1680D fabric which is the strongest level of strength you’ll find in any weight. You’ll also get a full 30-35lbs of weight when you add in the sand, rocks, dirt, or any other material.

    ABCCANOPY recognizes one of the biggest issues with canopy weights; the single velcro strap. It’s the most common break you’ll find in canopy weights so to innovate the problem ABC uses a velcro and ribbon combination which is extra durable.

    • Holds 35lbs per bag
    • Uses 1680D strength fabric
    • Uses velcro + ribbon combination
    • Not much support for velcro attachments

    6. Caravan Canopy Weight Plates

    Caravan Canopy Weight Plates use the same stacking ability as the US Weight Delux above but the difference is in the coating. Caravan uses rubber coating so you won’t damage your canopy frame but they’re still filled with the same durable concrete that lasts for years.

    The 24 or so pounds you get with Caravan weights isn’t much compared to others on this list but the fact you can stack them means you can buy several and use them all at once. Considering the price and how long they’ll last, they’re worth consideration.

    • weights are stackable
    • Extremely durable
    • Not very portable

    7. ABCCANOPY Wrap-Around Canopy Weights

    The ABCCANOPY Wrap-Around Canopy Weight uses the durable and long-lasting 1680D polyester fabric and can hold an impressive 55lbs of weight per bag. That’s the most weight of any other canopy weight on this list.

    You can fill it up with dirt, rocks, sand, snow, or anything else lying around and it has convenient zippers that close the openings so you don’t have to worry about the filler falling out. The weight bag also wraps around the entire pole so you can feel secure about your canopy staying in place.

    • Holds 55lbs per bag
    • Uses 1680D strength fabric
    • Wraps completely around frame
    • Uses vulnerable zipper for closure

    8. Leader Accessories Canopy Weight

    The Leader Accessories Canopy Weight bags use something unique that no other camping weight on this list uses. Instead of a velcro system that could easily become brittle over time, the Leader has substituted a buckle strap system.

    The fact it wraps completely around the pole makes it even more secure. You’ll be able to pack in about 30lbs of sand weight so these bags are on par with most of the other weights.

    • Holds up to 30lbs
    • Buckle belt system

      9. Eurmax USA Sandbag Weight Bags

      These Eurmax USA weight bags are the perfect choice if you need something solid that won’t cost you a ton of money. You’ll get a set of four that each hold 20-25lbs which is nothing to sneeze at but probably won’t hold down in severe winds.

      The weight bags do use 1680D polyester fabric so they are going to last you for years without any seams busting.

      • Uses 1680D strength fabric
      • Only holds 25lbs each

      Using Canopy Weights

      I recommend the Eurmax USA Weight Bags for the best canopy weight bags because of its high weight capacity, durable material, and secure attachment. Eurmax is also a reliable brand that specializes in outdoor canopies so if there is anyone who knows how to make a good canopy weight, it’s them. The Eurmax weight bags will keep your expensive canopy stuck to the ground in some of the windiest conditions so you can get your money’s worth.