**If you are in a hurry I recommend the Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent With Built-In Closet as the best cabin tent for its durability, weather resistance, and great features.**

Cabin tents are the luxury of the outdoors. The high interior space and unique features bring comfort to any camping trip. And gone are the days of taking hours to set one up. Now you can get a cabin tent that fits 9 people set up in under 60 seconds. But while some campers are looking for a quick set up, others might be trying to find a durable tent that’s going to hold up in any weather. Learn which one is going to make your camping experience memorable by reading the best cabin tent reviews below.

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What Makes A Good Cabin Tent


A general rule of thumb for camping in the outdoors is to always get the next size up when buying your tent. So if you plan on having 2 people coming with you to the outdoors then buy a 4 person tent. If you have 4 people coming you will want a 6 person tent. This is because manufacturers assume you are stuffing people in right next to each other. But you want to make sure you have some space for your gear and a space to sleep.

When buying a cabin tent it’s important to remember that they usually weigh more than dome style tents. This means you won’t be able to take them backpacking or long distances. They are made for car camping. When you drive your car right up to your campsite and unpack from your trunk.


If you are getting an instant tent there is a chance the materials are not going to be as durable as a traditional tent. This is because the traditional method comes with aluminum poles that are able to withstand heavy wind and rain. the instant tents require more flexibility so the poles need to accomadate.

That being said, the tents on this list should be able to last many camping trips. But when you buy a tent you need to do two important steps. First, buy a tarp so that you can lay this down below your tent when you set everything up. This will help protect you from water but also from any sharp pieces of woods or thorns that might be on the ground.

The second is to buy a water protectant spray and give your tent a good dousing before use. This will protect you from leakage and about 85% of the complaints you see about tents. Almost all modern tents come with a rainfly which protects from water and leakage. There is one on this list that does not but I’ve listed it in the pros and cons section.


There are several extra features that can make sleeping in the outdoors much more comfortable and efficient. Mesh storage pockets and mesh gear lofts are common among cabin tents. Very convenient for holding smaller items so they don’t get lost. But there are also some more unique features you will be interested in.

Including doggy doors, built-in closets, back and front doors, and room dividers. Consider who you are going with, the weather,  and what your group is going to need while reading through the options. This will help you understand which cabin tent might be best for you.

Ease Use

There are instant tents and then there are tents you have to build yourself. The instant tents are preferred because they can take as little as 60 seconds to set up. I can still remember my parents taking an hour setting up one tent when I was younger. The unpacking should be just as easy.

Even the more traditional models of building everything yourself has improved. Most poles are color-coded and you should be given clear directions on how to set everything up. Larger tents usually do not have the instant option but even those are starting to change.

Pro Tip: set up your tent before heading out to your outdoor adventure. Make sure you know how it all works and how it packs up. Try to fit it back into the case to see how easy or hard it might be. If you take some time to do this beforehand, then you are saving yourself from a potential nightmare. You don’t want to be stuck in rain or high winds outdoors trying to set up a tent for the first time.

Best Overall: Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet

The spacious Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent is one of the more durable tents you can get. And considering all the features that come with it, the value makes it the best overall. For starters you have the hinged door with is a Coleman special. Instead of messing around with zippers getting in and out you just swing open the door for easy access. The 6-foot-8 center means that most people are going to be able to walk around inside without a problem.

You’re not going to find another cabin tent on the market that comes with a full closet! Complete with a hanger bar for clothes and everything. There’s even mesh shelves at the bottom where you can store more clothes or items. If you find it annoying to live out of a bag while you camp this couldn’t be more perfect. It does take about 10 minutes to set up and tear down but it’s worth the extra time. This is a very durable and weather resistant tent you’re going to get a ton of use from.

  • Very tall ceiling
  • Hinged door for easy access
  • Comes with a full closet!
  • Mesh shelves
  • Storage mesh pocket
  • Durable
  • Very rain resistant
  • No room divider
  • Takes time to set up/tear down

Best Luxury: Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

The CORE 10 Person Cabin Tent is one of the larger ones on this list. The 7-foot-1 ceiling is enough for most professional basketball players to walk around inside. For a tent this size it’s nice that they included the room divider so you can turn it into two rooms. There’s even a front and back D-shaped doors that lead into the separate rooms for extra privacy.

The mesh gear loft and mesh storage pockets are nice to put your valuable items in so you don’t lose them. And a lantern hook hangs from the ceiling so if you can reach it you could put your camping fan or light to hang. This isn’t an instant tent but a tent this size usually isn’t. If you’re looking to create some more luxury in your camping experience the CORE 10-person is right up your alley.

  • Very tall ceiling
  • Room divider
  • 2 door access
  • Mesh gear loft
  • Mesh storage pocket
  • Takes time to set up

Best Budget: CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Wall Organizer

There’s a unique design to the CORE 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent. Right when you look at it you’ll see the angled window but what’s inside is what you’ll find special. There’s a mesh gear loft at the top of the ceiling where you can store smaller items you don’t want to lose. There is also a lantern hook if you want to set up your camping light or camping fan. And the two large storage pockets that come with the CORE are actually raised and in the middle of one of the walls. Now you don’t have to constantly bend down when grabbing your gear.

It also has the classic CORE instant 60 second set up/tear down. So you don’t have to waste time trying to take apart poles when you’re ready to go. You won’t be able to fit as many people inside this cabin tent as you would others on this list, but if you have 3-5 people going you’re not going to find a more durable option for this price.

  • Gear loft at top of ceiling
  • 2 large storage pockets
  • Lantern hook on ceiling
  • Very quick set up/tear down
  • Very durable
  • Smaller size cabin tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The best part about setting up the CORE 9 Person Cabin Tent is that it’s only going to take 60 seconds. That’s also the best part about tearing it down. For being such a large tent that’s a huge plus. You don’t want to be spending an hour setting up a tent when you’re with friends and family. The large T-shaped doors give plenty of space when entering and exiting. And you can leave them wide open on a good day to take in all the outdoors from the comfy shade of your cabin tent.

Some users have mentioned a teaspoon size of water gathering near the zipper during heavy rain at the bottom of the front door. This is probably due to the design of the zippers meeting at the bottom. There’s an additional D-shaped door on the side as well. If you need a little more privacy you can use the room divider to separate the tent in two. And there are wall storage pockets so you can place valuable items like your keys or wallet. There’s a lot to enjoy from the CORE Instant Cabin Tent and its durable as well. It is not as affordable as others on this list but you’ll be able to get enough use to balance out the price tag.

  • Very quick set up
  • 2 doorways
  • Storage pockets
  • Room divider
  • Higher in price


Although hard to pronounce, the OT QOMOTOP is a great all around option as far as cabin tents go. The 6-foot-6 center height allows plenty of space to walk around while inside. And it’s not going to take long to be able to do that because this tent sets up in 60 seconds. Tear down is just as easy. There’s a couple of floor vents to help with circulation to keep your tent from keeping too much moisture. And with the mesh ceiling and optional rainfly you can create a great breeze if it’s hot out.

At the top of the ceiling there is a mesh gear loft where you can place smaller items. For extra storage space there’s a mesh storage pocket on one of the cabin tent walls. Made out of the same waterproof material as the floor, the outside doormat allows you to put your dirty shoes to the side so you don’t have to bring them in. The only thing missing is the room divider but that shouldn’t be a big deal if you don’t mind sharing some space. For being a lesser known brand, the OT QOMOTOP has made a durable and well priced cabin tent with several great outdoor features.

  • Very quick set up
  • Tall ceiling
  • Gear loft at top of ceiling
  • Small storage mesh pocket
  • Outside doormat
  • No room divider
  • Only one door

Standing Room 4-person Cabin Tent

When you think of a cabin tent having straight walls this is exactly what you would think. Shaped more like a cube than any other tent, the Standing Room Cabin Tent is durable and perfect for 2-3 people. So if you’re going couples camping then this gives you plenty of room for a bed and gear.

It’s important to mention that this tent doesn’t come with a rainly. And it’s the only one on the list that doesn’t. It’s meant to fit 10×10 straight leg canopies. Which you are going to need unless you’re only planning on camping in nice weather. But don’t take the risk. The Standing Room is incredibly durable and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about the elements. There’s a huge door and a couple of huge windows you can use for beautiful views. All while staying in the comfort of your outdoor home. For being the most affordable option on the list you are going to be able to use the Standing Room for a long time.

  • Extremely tall ceiling
  • Very large door and windows
  • Very affordable
  • Durable
  • Very water resistant
  • Does not come with rainfly

E-Z UP CC10SLSP Camping Cube

The E-Z Up Camping Cube is an unconventional approach to cabin tents. This is not a stand alone camping tent. This only attaches to a 10×10 straight leg canopy frame. But if you have a canopy or are in the market for one then this is a must have addition. There are large windows and a large screened door for easy access. There’s even, I kid you not, a doggy door on the side of one of the walls! Complete with a weather flap and heavy duty zipper. You won’t find that on other cabin tents.

There’s a nice mesh gear loft and gear shelf to maximise your living space and keep important items off the ground. Next to the oversized door is a footprint, or doormat, so you can leave your dirty shoes outside the tent. Although not ideal for campers looking to get something they can use on it’s own. The E-Z Up Camping Cube will work best for the campers who were already bringing their canopy and wanted a great shelter to go with it.

  • Very tall ceiling
  • Large door and windows
  • Doggy door!
  • Mesh gear loft
  • Gear shelf
  • Doormat


My choice for the best cabin tent is the Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet for its durability, weather resistance, and unique features. The built-in closet alone creates a lot more storage space but there’s also the mesh gear loft and mesh storage pockets. No other cabin tent on the market has a built-in closet. And it’s just as, if not more, durable and weather resistant than any other tent. You’ll get lots of use out of the Coleman while still remaining comfortable and safe in your cabin tent.

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