10 Best 4-Person Tents for all campers

**If you are in a hurry I recommend the KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent as the best 4 person tent for its durability, full weather protection, and extra storage space**

When you think of camping in the outdoors you probably imagine a small dome tent out in the middle of the woods. This is because for generations of campers the 4 person tent was the go-to option when heading to the outdoors. But nowadays they come in different styles, materials, and sizes. Learn which ones provide enough protection against nature while still being comfortable for your small group in the best 4 person tent reviews below. 

tent in the middle of night outdoors

What Makes A Great 4 Person Tent


When a tent maker says their tent can fit up to 4 people you should interpret that to mean that it actually fits 2-3 people. This is because when tent makers are measuring size by persons they are essentially lining up sleeping bags side by side to tell you how many you could fit.

But when you are camping you are probably going to want to bring some additional gear to store inside or sleeping pads or even an air mattress. It’s not going to be very comfortable if you actually try to fit four people inside a 4 person tent. 

There’s an option on this list that will actually fit four people because its larger than all the others you’ll find at the end of this list. It claims to fit up to six people so it will have plenty of room for four and some gear.


Not every tent is built for any weather so some of the more durable and extreme tents are great for winter but don’t offer a lot of air circulation. This is because the included rainfly is typically full coverage to block wind and rain. Some of them will include small vents at the top or vestibules that can catch a breeze in stagnant weather.

If you need a tent that’s going to offer some more ventilation then make sure your rainfly is not full coverage and has extensions over any mesh windows so that you can leave these windows open even when it’s raining. You always want to look for floor vents and mesh paneling or a mesh ceiling which will help with air flow.

Weather Resistance

The rainfly is going to be your best protection against rain or wind while your camping outdoors. A 4 person tent rainfly can be full coverage so that the entire tent is protected or it can be partial coverage to protect the ceiling or top half. Look for one with awnings or extensions over the windows that will allow you to leave them open without having to worrying about leaks.

You can also look for an IP rating. This will tell you how durable the material is to solid objects and also water. You will see it written as IP65 and the first number is its resistance to solid objects and the second number is its resistance to water. 

Ease of Setup

You have an option for 4 person tents between instant setup or the more traditional design which requires assembly. If you need assembly it can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes once you are used to how to put it together. But if its your first time you want to give yourself at least 30 minutes to set everything up. 

The instant setups can take as little as 60 seconds to get standing because their poles are preattached and all that is needed is for you to extend the poles and lock them into place. 

If you want to avoid trying to figure out how to set your tent up while your in the outdoors where there are tons of factors that can make it difficult like wind or rain or heat take some time to set your tent up in your backyard first. Then there will be no mystery and set up time will be very quick when it counts.

Best Overall: KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent 

The KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent is a spacious 4-person option that provides excellent protection from the rain as well as a full porch vestibule to keep you dry while still enjoying the outdoors. Without the rainfly there are two mesh walls and two large D-shaped doors that provide excellent ventilation. There’s even a couple of mesh windows on either side but you can only open them from the outside which makes it very inconvenient to get some extra breeze. There’s also a great footprint that sticks out at the entrance where you can lay some gear or your shoes. 

The full coverage rainfly will keep out any water in bad weather but can also stifle any air circulation if it’s a warmer day. Luckily the vestibule can transform into a porch by propping up the door cover with some poles. Inside there are mesh organizational pockets and a hanging hook at the ceiling you can place a lantern or camping fan. The KAZOO is a perfect choice for the camper that needs a 4-person tent that provides full coverage from wet weather but can still open up to the outdoors. 

  • 2 large D-shaped doors
  • 2 small mesh windows
  • Full coverage rainfly
  • Vestibule doubles as entrance porch
  • Mesh organization pockets
  • Hanging hook at ceiling
  • Windows only open from outside
  • Rainfly can limit air circulation

Best Spacious: OT QOMOTOP Tent

There aren’t many cabin options for a 4 person tent because of the size but the OT QOMOTOP has built a comfortable and reliable 3 season cabin tent you can use for your next trip. The large front D-shaped door fill up the entire tent wall from top to bottom which means easy access in and out of your tent. It has a mesh window and including the 3 other mesh windows you can open and the floor vent located on the back wall you will have no problem getting a breeze inside. Especially since the entire ceiling is covered in mesh too. 

The rainfly covers just the top of the tent so you won’t actually be able to open up any of your windows while it’s raining because there isn’t any protection. But you do get an instant setup that should take you less than 60 seconds before you can walk inside and take it easy. It even has an electrical port access if you want to pull an extension cord through. I wouldn’t take the OT if you have a huge rain system that is supposed to show up during your trip but for nice weather there aren’t many better options.

  • Cabin tent provides more headspace
  • Very large D-shaped front door
  • 4 total mesh windows
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Floor vent
  • Rainfly included
  • Electrical port access
  • Rainfly doesn’t extend over windows
  • Not mean for heavy rain/wind

Best Budget: Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman is no stranger to producing high quality outdoor products and the Sundome Tent provides all the necessary features to have a comfortable time outdoors. There’s a large D-shaped door that makes it easy to enter and exit and the two mesh windows and 2 mesh half-walls provide good ventilation with the rainfly off. And the floor vent on the back wall helps a ton with circulating air from the bottom to the top of the tent. 

There’s also an electrical access port you can use to pull an extension cord through for electricity inside. The rainfly covers the top portion of the tent and extends over all the windows so you can leave them open without any water leaking through. I would be cautious taking this 4-person tent outdoors if you are going to face some really bad weather because it will have a hard time holding up. But setup should only take around 10 minutes but will take even less time with someone from your group helping out. The Coleman Sundome Tent is a fantastic price and will be a great tent to take camping as long as the weather isn’t too bad.

  • Large D-shaped door
  • 2 mesh half-walls
  • 2 mesh windows
  • Rainfly extends over windows
  • Electrical access port
  • Floor vent for good circulation
  • Very affordable
  • Won’t hold up in very bad weather

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent

The main difference between the Lynx and the Taurus is that this model comes with aluminum poles which will be lighter and easier to haul around. But that’s not the only difference. You also get larger mesh ceiling wall panels that creates better air circulation, especially with the full coverage rainfly. You get two large doors that include a small mesh window you can leave open. 

The rainfly itself creates a couple of vestibules that will come in handy to store extra gear or keep open to stay protected from the rain while still getting some nature. Theres a large mesh storage loft where you can keep all your items without having to bend over for them and a smaller mesh organizational pocket attached to the wall. This is a top of the line 4 person tent that will keep you protected in any weather and should be at the top of your list.

  • Aluminum poles are more lightweight
  • Half-way mesh panels
  • 2 large doors with mesh windows
  • Fully covered rainfly
  • Rainfly creates 2 vestibules
  • Mesh storage loft and organizational pocket
  • Small stuff sack


Because of the ease of setup the MOON LENCE could quickly become your go-to 4 person tent while camping in the outdoors. It only takes less than a minute to have fully built because the poles come preattached and the rainfly is integrated into the tent so you don’t even have to worry about setting it up. There are two large doors for front and back entrance and both have half window mesh you can open for more air circulation. The two floor vents on either side provide even more breeze and make up for the lack of any other windows. 

There’s an organizational mesh pocket to place any smalle, more valuable items you’ve brought with you so that they don’t end up getting lost on the ground. The MOON LENCE is a nice choice if you need a quick and easy setup that is going to get the job done and provide a little protection from light rain and wind. It’s also a pretty good price and you can rely on it to continue to perform season after season.

  • Instant setup takes less than 1 minute
  • 2 large doors
  • 2 floor vents
  • 2 half mesh windows
  • Mesh organizational pocket
  • Affordable
  • Rainfly is integrated and limits versatility

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

The ALPS brand has produced some high quality tents in the past and their taurus model had a similar design to another option on this list except this comes with fiberglass poles. Which actually makes it a little heavier and bulkier. There are very small ceiling mesh holes and side mesh holes that can’t be considered windows exactly but they do help with some air ventilation. The two large front and back doors do have a small mesh window on them as well. 

The rainfly completely covers the entire tent and has a couple of small air vents at the top. It does create a couple of vestibules that you’ll be able to use to store extra gear or stay protected from the rain while still enjoying nature. Since the rainfly has full coverage you won’t have to worry about rain or wind ruining your camping trip. Overall, the Taurus is a great 4 person tent to have and rely on to hold up during your trip but if you want something that is less weight because of better poles check out the Lynx model.

  • Small mesh ceiling
  • Small mesh holes on sides of tent
  • 2 large doors
  • 2 small mesh windows on doors
  • Full coverage rainfly
  • Two small vestibules created by rainfly
  • Poor air circulation

ayamaya Pop Up Tents with Vestibule 

The ayamaya Pop Up with Vestibule is another instant set up that will only take seconds before you are ready to head inside. You can literally throw it in the air and watch as it unfolds itself into a full 4 person tent. Although I would not recommend this! There are two different layers to the ayamaya and they are connected using a series of hooks. This creates some air circulation between the tent and keeps condensation down. 

You can use the vestibule at the front door to carry extra gear or have some extra space to stretch out. The tent is fully covered by the outer layer and includes a couple of mesh windows on either side. The problem is that you are so covered you won’t be able to really open any windows if it’s hot outside while raining. But what makes the ayamaya special is that you can take it with you anywhere because it only weighs 10lbs and is great against windy or rainy weather. 

  • Instant setup
  • 2 mesh windows
  • 2 large doors
  • Vestibule creates extra storage space
  • Poor air circulation
  • High price point

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Most of the options on this list are going to be considered dome tents and don’t provide a lot of room for you and your camping buddies. But if you want some extra head space than a cabin tent is going to do the trick and since this option is already made with the reliable Coleman brand you don’t have to worry about the quality. You can set it up within 60 seconds since all the poles are preattached and the gigantic mesh doors and windows create great ventilation. Not to mention the entire ceiling is made with mesh.

There’s even an organizational mesh pocket you can use to store valuable items you don’t want to get lost. One of the biggest disadvantages this Coleman has over other options is that it doesn’t come with any actual rainfly. It says it is integrated but it’s not going to be nearly enough protection in rainy weather. So if you are looking for a more spacious 4 person tent with an incredibly easy set up that will perform well in fair weather the Coleman Cabin is a top choice.

  • Provides more head space
  • Instant setup within 60 seconds
  • Large mesh door
  • Large mesh windows
  • Mesh organizational pocket
  • No rainfly included
  • Performs poorly in bad weather

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek 4-Person Tent

With already two other ALPS 4 person tents on this list what sets the Mountaineering Camp Creek apart is the very large and roomy cabin tent design. Standing at a towering 7” tall in the center there is no reason you and your camping group should have any complaints about not having enough headspace or room for gear. The large D-shaped front door is almost as tall and fills up an entire wall which makes entering and exit easy. The large mesh ceiling and four total mesh windows provides enough air circulation to stay cool even in humid, muggy days. 

There’s also an included rainfly that extends way past the front door and over the windows so that you can leave the windows open without worrying about water leaking in and soaking your gear. The only flaws on this large and spacious 4 person tent is that the zippers are not always of the highest quality and the poles are made out of fiberglass instead of aluminum. Otherwise, this is the perfect camping tent for a small group who likes to have some extra headroom and appreciates protection from rain while still providing air circulation.

  • 7” tall in center
  • Very large D-shaped front door
  • 4 mesh windows
  • Mesh ceiling
  • Rainfly has small awnings over front and back windows
  • Poles made of fiberglass so heavier
  • Zippers are not high quality

Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room

All of the options on this list are exclusively for 4 person tents but what you will find is that if you are actually bringing four people along with you that it’s not going to feel very comfortable inside. Especially if you have any gear at all. So the Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room is large enough to fit six people and even comes with a large mesh covered screen room where you can set up a couple of camping chairs and hang out bug-free. You have a large D-shaped door behind the screen so you could even leave it wide open and still be protected from insects. 

You also get a couple of mesh windows so you should have no issues catching a nice breeze while inside. There ‘s also an included rainfly that covers all windows and extends past the door so you can leave them open while still being protected from any leaks. What isn’t so great about the rainfly is that it does nothing to protect the screened in area and you will likely get a pool of water when it rains. But if you plan on doing some summer or fair weather camping there is no other choice that will keep you as comfortable as the Coleman.

  • Large mesh screen room
  • Large D-shaped door
  • Two mesh windows
  • Included rainfly covers all windows
  • Very large space and can actually fit 4 people
  • Screen room has no protection from rain


My choice for the best 4 person tent is the KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent because of its durability, full protection, and extra space. You get extra room for your gear with two vestibules created by the rainfly and you can prop open the doors using trekking poles to create some cover from rain but still be connected to the outdoors. The rainfly provides complete coverage from bad weather so you can use this tent for 3 seasons. This is a go-to option for any small camping group looking for a versatile option to use outdoors.