Detailed List of best 10-person tents for Camping

**If you are in a hurry I recommend the Core Straight Wall Cabin Tent as the best 10 person tent for its durability and spacious size**

I remember the first time my partner bought us a 10 person camping tent. We had room for a queen size air mattress, all of our gear, and we could still walk around with no issues. It’s like moving into the outdoors. But some large tents are more weather resistant and can hold up in three seasons. Others have spacious interiors with room dividers that create privacy and comfort. Which tent you need will depend on what your group is looking for. Learn which one is going to create that memorable experience by reading the best 10 person tent reviews below.

What Makes The Best 10 Person Tent

Ease of Set Up

There are two types of tents set ups out there in the market. The first is the more traditional set up. You’re sticking several poles through different slots in the tent to build it up. It could take a significant amount of time if this is your first go.

The other set up is called the instant tent because all the poles are already connected. Usually, you unfold the tent, pull the poles high enough until they click, and your tent is ready to go. It could take as little as one minute for setting up.

Now, if you’re going for the instant set up there’s a high chance you are going to sacrifice some quality. Instant tents, at least right now, don’t include the same level of quality materials as the more traditional models. They need to be flexible and lightweight to perform well and the hard aluminum poles used in traditional models don’t allow for that type of flexibility.

Because of the durability the traditional 10 person tents might be a little more costly than instant tents. But you won’t mind paying a little today if that means you get to keep your durable outdoor shelter for several years.

Pro Tip: Set up your tent in the backyard before you head out camping. It doesn’t matter if you have purchased an instant tent or a traditional set up. You are going to want to unpack everything before you get to the outdoors. If it’s windy or raining then it’s going to be harder to figure everything out on the fly. And you’re not going to be in the mood to be patient.


After you’ve been camping for a while you start realizing the size of tents doesn’t exactly match up with what the manufacturers are telling you. For the most part, it’s actually pretty hard to fit 10 people inside a 10 person tent. I’ve included a couple of larger tents in case someone reading does need to fit 10 people inside.

But realistically, these camping castles are for small families or small groups. There’s plenty of room inside for a couple of queen size air mattresses as well as all your gear. You’re even going to be able to walk around inside your tent with some of the options below.

Its important to know the difference between dome style tents and cabin style tents. The cabin style will have straight walls that allow for more headspace through the tent. The dome style has curving slopes for ceilings which are better for wind protection. But don’t allow as much space.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time inside your tent make sure it is tall enough and wide enough to fit your group’s needs.


Buying a roof with four walls is one thing but making sure you’re protected and comfortable is another. You want a tent that is going to satisfy what you need in the outdoors. Weather protection? Extra storage? Privacy? These are how you’re going to find yourself the best 10 person tent for camping.

If you’re moving your campsite often you’re going to need some organizational pockets and lightweight materials. If you’re hunkering down in one place then you might need a screen room or awning attachment.

You’re even gonna find a tent that blocks out 90% of the sunlight on this list. While your reading through this list start thinking of what would fit your camping trip best.


The lightweight materials will generally be more prone to wear and tear. The canvases can be a little thinner and the poles don’t have high-quality plastics. Not always, but generally speaking. So when you’re looking for the right tent you want to make sure you find the balance of what makes sense for your style of camping and what will hold up throughout the years. What might seem like a lot today only gets cheaper the more you use it.

You also need to consider how weatherproof it is. Almost all tents claim to be water-resistant but that doesn’t mean they won’t leak on you in the middle of the night. I’ve been upfront about which options below protect you from the weather but do yourself one favor.

Before you head out into the great outdoors set up your tent in your backyard first. Purchase some weather protectant spray and give your tent a good wash. spray the whole thing down and make sure you get between all the seams on the windows, doors, and floors. This is going to prevent about 90% of the complaints that most tents get about leakage. It takes a little time but if you are putting in the money you want to make sure you’ve done what you can to make it last.

Pro Tip: Bring an extra tarp of floor protection for your tent. Lay it down as a base before setting up your tent. This is to protect from water but also from any hidden sharp thorns or pieces of wood trying to puncture your tent.

Best Overall: Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

When you’re looking for the best 10 person camping tent you want durability with comfort. That’s exactly what the Core Cabin tent does. The straight wall design means there are more than 6 feet of height all throughout your living space. If you have kids or friends joining you then use the room divider to separate the two spaces. And each room has its own door you can use for easy access. The two floor vents, 6 mesh windows, and mesh ceiling help keep you cool when you’re camping in those hotter months.

The tent has a reputation for being durable and waterproof. So no matter how hard it rains you can rest easy at night knowing you and your gear are going to stay dry. There’s even an electrical access port where you can feed a cable or extension cord. The only downside is that this isn’t an instant tent so set up can take some time to set up. Especially if it’s your first time, so I recommend doing a test run in the backyard before heading out.

It’s about 35 pounds when packed into the carrying case so your probably not going to want to haul it around very often but once you get set up you might not want to leave. An affordable price, generous space, and durability make the Core the best 8 person camping tent in the outdoors.

  • Plenty of room to stand up
  • Electrical access port
  • Room divider
  • 2 doors for separate room access
  • Extremely water resistant
  • Takes time to set up and tear down

Runner Up: Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

The Coleman Weathermaster isn’t going to win any awards for color usage. But its got a unique design that other tents on this list don’t offer. The most significant change is the hinged door that automatically pulls closed when not in use. You don’t have to worry about bugs or rain getting in because you’re having a hard time closing a zipper. The back and front doors give you an easy entrance and exit but they are also lovely with the room divider. Each door has access to its own private room. Set up the divider and you just built yourself a studio for two in the outdoors.

There are several mesh windows all around the tent but two, in particular, angle outwards. This means you can leave them open while it’s raining to get some better airflow. If you’ve been camping on hot rainy days this can be a lifesaver. If it is raining, the WeatherTec system has welded floors and inverted seams to keep out any leaks. The interior reaches an impressive 6-foot-7 height. So most people should be able to walk around without ducking or bending over.

If you need to plug in a projector you can use the weather protected electrical access port. Now you can leave the front door closed without a cable running through it. A convenient option so you don’t have to choose between a movie night or a comfortable sleep with no bugs. The price is slightly higher than the other options. But for the quality of protection you’ll be getting it is worth a little extra. That’s going to come in handy when you’re in the middle of nowhere.

  • Angled windows for keeping open in rain
  • Hinged door automatically closes
  • Back and front door
  • Room divider
  • Storage pocket
  • Walk comfortably inside
  • Rain resistant
  • Heavy
  • Not an easy setup/tear down

Honorable Mention: Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent

You’re going to be able to take the Mountain Trails 10 person camping tent on pretty much any outdoor adventure. It’s 21 pounds so its lighter than others but still probably better for car camping. When you get it set up the patented hooped rain fly extends over the door for a little extra protection from bad weather.

There’s two large D-style doors that provide plenty of room for even 2 people entering. The room divider works perfectly with the doors. When you separate the tent into two rooms each door leads to private access to each room. There’s only two windows with mesh are on either side of the tent which isn’t a lot. But the ceiling mesh runs all along the width of the tent so you’ll still feel the good air flow. This is a dome style tent so you aren’t going to feel like you have as much space as a cabin style tent. But that means it holds up much better in high wind because of the aerodynamic design.

The corners of the tent are stretched out farther than other tents. People have mentioned there could be teaspoon size water puddles that form in very heavy rain. But a quick water-resistant spray on the seams will take care of that problem. This is a very portable tent that can hold up in bad weather with some maintenance. It’s a reliable choice to make if you’re looking for a spacious tent that is going to last.

  • Rain fly extends over door
  • Very lightweight
  • Room divider
  • Separate doors for each side
  • Durable
  • Corners will leak with heavy rain
  • Can’t walk upright inside

Best Instant 10-Person Tent: Outbound Instant Pop up Tent for Camping with Carry Bag and Rainfly

The poly taffeta water-resistant coating on the Outbound makes it ideal for 3 season weather. Leakproof seams and polyester bathtub floor are built into the canvas to keep water out. Combine that with the 12 pounds in weight and you have a portable choice you can take with you in your trip to the outdoors. It’s one of the better options if you’re going to hike to your campsite. Once you get to where you need to be you can have everything set up within minutes. The Instant Up technology is a gamechanger when you’re trying to get in and out of the site quickly.

There’s a couple of ventilation windows on the D-shaped door and an open ceiling for airflow. But you can cover the top opening with the rain fly that comes included. The front canopy on the rain fly will keep the rain from hitting on your front door. Use the mesh organizational pockets inside the tent to keep track of your important items.

It might not have as many bells and whistles as other tents on the list but the Outbound holds its own as a durable and portable option for the outdoors. It’s made for campers who are looking to be comfortable while still being able to hike to their campsite.

  • Weather resistant coating
  • Instant set up and tear down
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh windows and ceiling for better airflow
  • Mesh organization pockets
  • Rain fly with front canopy
  • Carry bag included
  • Only one entrance
  • No divider

CORE 10 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

When you get to your campsite you are going to be able to set up the Core 10 Person Tent within 2 minutes or less. That’s because the poles are pre-attached so you just need to unfold everything and snap the legs into place. The screen room is essential in a place where you have a lot of flying insects. You can also use it to protect your gear but since there is no cover you need to make sure everything stays dry.

Give yourself a little privacy by using the provided room divider to separate the tent in half. Each room even has it’s own private door you can use. You can open up the mesh windows and doors to allow air to come in the front. Then, let the heat escape by opening up the mesh ceiling on top. The Core 10 Person comes with a rain fly for you to stay comfortable no matter how wet it is outside.

The Core Instant Cabin Tent is very lightweight which is great for hiking. But it means that the quality of the materials could be better. So I wouldn’t test this when you are in heavy rain or wind but the screen room and ventable windows makes it ideal for taking on a sunny outdoor experience where you can catch a breeze.

  • Screen room
  • Rain fly
  • Mesh windows and ceiling
  • Room divider
  • Instant set up
  • Could have better quality materials
  • Heavy to carry
  • High price

Tahoe Gear Ozark 3-Season 16 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

I put the Tahoe Gear Ozark onto the list because it might actually hold 10 people. You can have some actual breathing room in this castle of the outdoors. The room divider provides some privacy and splits the tent into two separate sections. Opening up the mesh windows can provide beautiful views while staying comfortably inside.

Most tents cause you to have to duck down or crouch while you’re inside but that’s not the case with the Tahoe. The 7 foot center leaves more than enough room for most people to stand upright. Water-resistant polyester allows you to set it up in any weather and stay dry. But make sure you give yourself enough time to get it built. Because this isn’t an instant tent it can take a while to get everything figured out on the first go.

Lounge in style without cramping someone’s space when you get the Tahoe Gear Ozark. Plenty of ventilation and weather resistance means you can take it in almost any weather. The 94 pounds makes it unrealistic to take anywhere but the trunk of your car but if you’re car camping this is the perfect getaway in the outdoors.

  • Very spacious
  • Rain fly
  • Great ventilation
  • Room divider
  • Weather resistant
  • You can stand inside
  • Hard to assemble and pack up
  • No storage
  • Not for heavy rain

Core 12 Person Extra Large Straight Wall Cabin Tent

This is another camping tent added to the list to give the bigger camping groups an option for more space. When you’re buying a tent for the exact number of people in your group it can be very claustrophobic. More than 7 feet of room at the height of the ceiling means you won’t have to crawl around while inside. You can even fit 3-4 queen size mattresses.

Star gazers will like the open mesh ceiling you can enjoy on dry nights. And if you open up the mesh windows you can enjoy a lovely breeze flowing through your spacious tent. If there’s rain in the forecast you can set up the rain fly for full protection. All seams are sealed on the doors, windows, and rainfly so you should feel safe getting a dry night of sleep.

If friends of neighbors are coming you can put up a room divider to separate the tent into two living spaces. Bring your projector with you and you can use the divider as a screen to watch movies on! You’re not going to be able to haul this around with you on a hike but it’s a great choice to have for a larger group to give more space.

  • You can stand upright inside
  • Rain fly
  • Front and back door
  • Good ventilation
  • Water resistant
  • Room divider
  • Heavy to carry
  • Not very affordable

OT QOMOTOP 4/6/8/10 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Rainfly

With one of the quickest set ups on this list the OT QOMOTOP (don’t ask me how to pronounce that) can be finished in 60 seconds. Giving you plenty of time to get the rest of your campsite organized. The telescopic poles are already connected and all you have to do is pull them up and lock them into place. On summer days you can take advantage of the two floor vents for maximum airflow. Once you open the mesh windows and ceiling you should have a cool breeze to enjoy all weekend.

Don’t worry about any bad weather ruining your time in the outdoors. There’s PU taping for the rainfly and inner tent seams as well as a PE tube floor to keep any water on the outside of your tent. At 31 pounds you’ll want to use this as a car camping tent you can unpack directly from your car. But with the 2 handled carrying case that comes with it there should be no issues getting it set up.

The door is large enough for 2 people to fit through if they really wanted to. And there’s extra foam protection on the pole joints so when you pack everything up the canvas doesn’t get worn down. The OT QOMOTOP has some nice detailed features that make it extra durable. And it’s still an affordable option. It’s also one of the best weather resistant tents on the list.

  • Very quick set up and tear down
  • Extra ventilation
  • Very good in rain
  • Wear and tear protection on pole joints
  • No organization pockets on inside
  • No room divider

Coleman Montana Tent

First thing’s first. The Coleman Montana Tent is a nice-day-sun-shining-blue-skies type of tent. Don’t try to take this with you into a rainy camping trip because it’s going to have some leaking issues. Having said that, it is the most affordable option on this list. So it can still make sense to buy if you enjoy weekend camping when it’s nice out.

The hinged door is a nice touch because you don’t have to mess with zippers or crawling in and out of your tent. No other options on this list have that feature except for the Coleman tents. When you’re coming out of the tent you can take a couple of extra seconds to stretch out because it comes with a small awning! Great for setting up a camping chair to take in the outdoors with shade. Some of your more important items can go in the organizational pockets on the inside. Now you’re not going to lose track of something like your keys. And if you brought an outlet with you there’s a convenient electrical access port to run it through. Without having to keep the front door open to bugs or rain.

You just need to remember two things about the Coleman Montana Tent to see the value. Don’t take it in the rain and it’s the most affordable tent on the list. So use this tent if you enjoy heading to the outdoors on a nice weekend to get away from the stress of everyday life. But don’t use it if you plan on camping regularly in any weather.

  • Hinged door to keep bugs out
  • Awning for sun protection
  • Storage pockets
  • Carrying bag
  • Extremely affordable
  • Not rain proof
  • No room divider
  • Not many windows

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Similar to the Coleman Montana, the Cabin Tent with Instant Set Up is not going to be ideal for rainy weather. In fact, don’t take this tent when it rains. It holds up great in the sunny and clear sky outdoors but not so much in bad weather. Other than that it’s a huge tent you can get a lot of use out of. It has the patented hinged door that is a Coleman special. Perfect for keeping away bugs and rain. But also takes away the frustration of dealing with a zipper everytime you want to go outside.

If kids or friends are joining you camping then there’s a room divider you can put up for some extra privacy. One of the more unique features you won’t find on any other tent in this list is the Dark Room Technology. It blocks out 90% of sunlight! Talk about relaxing on your outdoor adventure. You’ll have no problems getting a good night’s rest when you’re sleeping well past sunrise.

When you are ready to head home it should take you a couple of minutes at most to tear down. And you can throw everything into the 2 handled carrying case which expands as a rip-strip for extra storage space. As long as you don’t leave this one out in the rain it is going to be a solid choice. Especially all the extra sleep you’re going to get.

  • Hinged door to keep bugs out
  • Quick set up
  • Room divider
  • Stay Extra Dark inside
  • Not rain proof
  • Heavy to carry

Tahoe Gear Olympia 10-Person 3-Season Family Camping Tent

The Tahoe Gear Olympia is an excellent consideration for large utility camping tent. A towering 7 feet of height means that even if you play professional basketball you can still walk around inside.  The binding floor and taped seams help protect from water leaking inside. And the rain fly has a small canopy over the front for extra peace of mind.

You can slip a power cord right through the electrical access port instead of having to pull it through the front door. That will keep out the bugs and rain a little better. Enjoy a nice breeze by opening up the mesh windows and mesh ceiling. The floor vents also help circulate air for more flow.

You’re not going to be able to haul the Tahoe around on a hike because it weighs about 52 pounds but it’s certainly sturdy. You can get a lot of use out of buying the Tahoe since it’s going to last through any weather. The affordable price makes this a great option for your outdoor castle.

  • Good ventilation
  • Power cord slot
  • Water resistant
  • You can stand up inside
  • Heavy to carry
  • No extra storage
  • Only one door


My choice for the best 10 person camping tent is the Core 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent because of its incredibly spacious size, great ventilation, and durability. Other tents might claim they hold a lot of people but when you get inside you realize it they must have been talking about children. The Core has sleeping and stand up room with 6 different mesh windows. You’re also going to get a lot of use out of it. Couple that with the price and you’re not going to get a better value for your tent.