Welcome to Camping Helper

Hello! My name is Raul Mercado and I have been enjoying nights out among the stars since I was 8 years old with my parents when we would explore all the nature Texas had to offer.

Back then I fell in love with the fresh morning smells and the time spent with family away from all distractions of the city. 

The outdoors tends to bring me back to what is really important in life. It centers me and keeps me from getting lost in the everyday chaos of life. It’s a way for me to let go and remember what makes me happy.

But back then I didn’t realize the enormous amount of planning and gear my parents would take care of in order for us kids to enjoy the great outdoors.

Now that I’m starting a family of my own and the planning is up to me I’m learning exactly what they went through just to afford us a nice weekend. 

But camping has changed a lot since I was a kid and instead of having one sleeping bag on the floor of a single person tent there are now ways to truly make the entire experience more comfortable for everyone.

On this site I will share everything I’ve learned while camping in the outdoors to give you and your family a memorable experience.

My mission is to help you have
the most comfortable camping experience possible.

How The Content Is Created

All the content on this site is planned, written, and edited by me in order to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy so that you can have the best information possible to make a decision on how to create the best experience for your family.

As much as is possible, I try to purchase and test all items in this blog so that I can have first hand knowledge of the items I write about. Because this is not always possible I will rely heavily on customer feedback and reviews of different products I have not tested. 

I will also contact the manufacturer or other users to get their experience and feedback included in my articles. 

Another way I find my information is by visiting my local outdoor stores and asking the staff about the different products and brands in the market. 

If you have any feedback on the articles or products I review please feel free to leave a comment so that I can update any information.

I want this site to actually help people and bring real value to the camping community. I want there to be genuine trust and to build relationships instead of relying on brand sponsorship.

What You Will Get From Camping Helper

As I mentioned, this site is to help modern families enjoy their outdoor experience as comfortably as possible while keeping an eye out for their carbon footprint. 

I don’t want you sleeping on the ground or getting into a big fight because planning can be stressful and I also don’t want our camping experiences to ruin the very place we are going to camp in. 

So, if the following statements give you a feeling in your heart after reading you will enjoy the content on this site.

  • The thought of your family coming home from a camping experience and being more exhausted then before they left is overwhelming
  • You like building a complete experience for your family and giving them something memorable they can think back to years from now.
  • You want a site you can actually trust without feeling like you’re reading from an advertisement.
  • You care about taking care of the outdoors so that your family and every family can enjoy them for years to come.

So if those statements spoke to you then let’s start learning more about camping! 

Raul Mercado